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Cuckoo Clock Black Forest house with moving beer drinker EN 403 NEW —

This cuckoo clock has an exclusive life-like wooden handpainted cuckoo. With certificate of authenticity from the Black Forest Clock Association (VdS). It has a mechanical extreme long-life rack strike movement. It allows turning the hands left and right without endangering the mechanics of the movement. The 1 day running time movement need to be wind […]

German Cuckoo Clock —

I know little about this cuckoo clock. It’s in great shape and worked when my father was here, so it should. I don’t know how to set it. I have several photos, to share the details. It ran in my childhood home for decades.

Quartz Cuckoo Clock Black forest house TU 459 Q NEW —

Quartz Cuckoo Clock Black forest house TU 459 Q NEW Height: 23 cm/9.1 inch Width: 25 cm/9.8 inch Depth: 15 cm/5.9 inch Colour: Walnut The clock needs two baby C batteries. Cuckoo calls on the hour with echo. The clock has a battery operated movement with automatic night-off. The running-time of the batteries is about […]